Meet our team

Bill Hofmann, Owner

Bill Hofmann, Keystone Wildflowers

As the owner of Keystone Wildflowers, there isn’t much Bill Hofmann doesn’t do. Bill handles the day-to-day care of our native plants along with plant propagation, overseeing plant inventory, determining a growing schedule, and emailing and assisting customers. He also offers various consulting services, focusing on natural landscaping and beekeeping. 

Bill founded Keystone Wildflowers in 2000 as a side business. Over the past 20 years, it has evolved into his main focus and passion. Before Keystone Wildflowers, Bill spent 33 years at Hofmann Industries, another family business, managing production schedules, and materials inventory. Bill’s love for plants started at Delaware Valley University, where he received a B.S. in horticulture. In his spare time, Bill enjoys trying new craft beer (nothing too hoppy), attending classic rock concerts, hiking, kayaking, and tending his vegetable garden and bee hives.

Lisa Hofmann, Business Manager

Lisa Hofmann, Keystone Wildflowers

Lisa Hofmann is the business manager for Keystone Wildflowers, where she performs many of her duties behind-the-scenes. She’s the money counter, bookkeeper, plant label creator, and general business cheerleader. Lisa and Bill, her husband, operate Keystone Wildflowers out of their home, so there’s always something that needs doing. When she’s not juggling hats for the business, she works as a substitute teacher at Conrad Weiser School District and security officer at the Reading Fightin Phils. Before that, she spent over 30 years in banking. In her free time, Lisa enjoys watching college football, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, traveling, and escaping in a good book.

Colleen Hofmann, Marketing Manager

Colleen Hofmann, Keystone Wildflowers

Colleen Hofmann is the marketing manager at Keystone Wildflowers. She is the person behind the website, Facebook, and all things marketing. She also assists Bill, her father, whenever help is needed, from seeding flats to promoting native plants at local sales in the community. Colleen also works full-time as a writer. Previously, she spent eight years working at a digital ad agency and app development company. When she’s not writing or working for Keystone Wildflowers, Colleen enjoys exploring new hiking trails, reading whatever she can get her hands on, sewing, and chasing squirrels out of her urban garden.

Quincy and Archie, Greenhouse Assistants

Quincy and Archie, Keystone Wildflowers

Quincy (2) and Archie (1) are amiable golden retriever brothers, who serve as greenhouse assistants at Keystone Wildflowers. Their role at Keystone Wildflowers functions much like a chime when a door opens. Expect some barks if you’re dropping by to pick up plants. It’s their way of saying “hi” and letting us know someone has arrived. Other duties include rides to Nolt’s for greenhouse supplies, promoting walks to break up the day, and boosting business morale.