Over 40 years of horticulture and apiculture experience

Beekeeping consulting

If you need one-on-one help with your bee hives, we are available to assist. Our consultation services may include:

  • Hive setup (assembly, painting and placement)
  • Bee installation (package, nucs or swarms)
  • Regular maintenance inspection
  • Troubleshooting and hive diagnostics
  • Pollinator-friendly plant recommendations
  • Hive splits
  • Honey harvesting
  • Requeening
  • Combining hives
  • Swarm catching
  • Pest prevention
  • Winterizing

Landscape consulting

Need help creating a rain garden, designing a meadow or incorporating native plants into your landscape? Keystone Wildflowers can help you get started right when creating your own native landscape design. We can provide recommendations for site assessment, preparation, planting and post-planning management for a diverse, healthy landscape.

Consultations start at $50/hour. Additional mileage fees will be charged depending on travel distance.

Contact Bill with your project details, and we can set up an appointment for either on-site consultation or assistance via telephone.