Native plant care

  • Immediately remove your plants from the shipping container.
  • Place the plants in a cool area out of direct sunlight.
  • Thoroughly water your plants so they are wet and water is draining out of the bottom of the pots.
  • Let them sit in the shade for 24 hours.
  • Remember plants will dry out quickly when exposed to the heat of the sun and wind. If you are not ready to transplant them within a few days after delivery, then place them in a wind protected area out of sunlight. It is important to check them once or twice a day for watering.

Planting and transplanting instructions

  • We ship our plants in early spring to about mid June to reduce stress during transit. We avoid shipping from late June through August as the little guys would cook to death. We start shipping again in mid-September through mid December, weather permitting.
  • Our bare dormant roots are shipped while they are still dormant with very little or no foliage appearing. They are not dead! They just have not broken their dormancy (sleeping) state yet. Most of our bare roots are two plus years old and fit into quart or gallon size containers. These roots are normally shipped late September through late April.
  • We highly recommend that you install your plants into the soil as soon as possible after delivery.

Container sizes

  • Our plug size is 2.500” diameter x 3.500” deep with 30 plugs per tray.
  • Our quart pots are trade size (4 3/16” x 4 7/8”).
  • Plants purchased in containers may be shipped in dormant state to reduce stress in transit, or they may have their top growth cut back to reduce stress in transit.
  • Plants will green up rapidly in 60-70 degree environment.